N-Compass Global Holdings

Founded in 2008, N-Compass Global Holdings is the parent company of four major divisions. N-Compass TV, our authorized dealership division and Corporate Network division, N-Compass Node, our analytics division and System TV, our proprietary software.

N-Compass TV: Authorized Dealer Division

Established in 2008, N-Compass Global Holdings has been a pioneer in the digital media industry. N-Compass GH is currently building a global network of community-based, indoor digital billboards that gives businesses of all sizes, through their breakthrough content distribution platform, the power to remotely communicate their messages in real time to who they want, when they want and where they want.

To drive the growth of this digital billboard network, N-Compass GH has developed a worldwide authorized dealer program, called N-Compass TV.



N-Compass Node: Analytics Division

The N-Compass Node is a revolutionary product which is giving store fronts all across the country data and analytics never before thought possible. The node performs two unique functions - allowing businesses to analyze and build customer profiles of anyone who visits their location, as well as deliver messages and timely offers directly to their customers' smart phones.

System TV: Software Division

Our software division currently powers 600 screens across the United States and Central America. Designed specifically to fit our unique concept, System TV gives our customers the power to play what they want, when they want, wherever they want.



AdTron Air Network Partnership

AdTron Air Network was created as a strategic partnership between seasoned executives of the air transport and concessions industry and N-Compass Global Holdings. The vision of AdTron Air Network is to marry N-Compass' experience, products, operations and financial strength with the extensive knowledge and networking of the senior executives who will run the company.

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